New Pot Study Says CBD Inhibits and Kills Cervical Cancer Cells



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by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive

A new cannabis study says cannabidiol, CBD, INHIBITS and KILLS cervical cancer cells

Over a quarter of a million women die each year of cervical cancer. Half a million new cases are diagnosed annually.

That’s almost one new case of cervical cancer diagnosed every minute!

A new study published last month suggests that extracts containing the non-psychoactive substance in marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD), INHIBITS and KILLS cervical cancer cells.

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Conventional treatment for cervical cancer includes chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. None have proven overwhelming effective and they all have serious side-effects.

In a recent study published in the open access, peer-reviewed journal – BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Lukhele and Motadi, 2016 16:335), researchers conclude that cannabidiol (CBD) extract, not THC, is effective in preventing cancer growth and killing certain types of cancer cells – namely cervical cancer.

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The mechanism for this effect remains a mystery and more research is needed to determine the mechanism by which CBD might regulate the lifecycle of certain cancer cells.