Disney Bans Medical Marijuana

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Orlando, Florida – May 4th, 2017
Disney Bans Marijuana | Officially No Longer Happiest Place On Earth

Disney Prohibits Medical Marijuana
Disney Prohibits Medical Marijuana

Disney says no to medical marijuana at Disney World.

Yes, the citizens of Florida (over 70% of them) did approve Amendment 2 and legalize medical marijuana on November 8th, 2016. Disney CEO Bob Igor disagrees.

Bob Igor CEO Disney Prohibits Marijuana
CEO Bob Igor, Disney – Prohibits Marijuana

The Disney company appears to have little regard for patients relying on medical marijuana to treat their illnesses. Disney recently updated its website to include marijuana as a prohibited item on Disney property. WESH 2 News recently quoted a Disney spokesperson as saying, “We are revising our rules to clarify that marijuana is not permitted on our property.”

Apparently Disney (think’s it) Knows Better Than Your Doctor

Medical marijuana is not easy to obtain in Florida. You need to have a serious qualifying condition, and a medical referral from the state certified medical doctor, who has been treating you for at least 3 months prior.

Your doctor determines if you qualify for Low-THC marijuana (usually High-CBD marijuana strains), or full strength medical marijuana. Then you have to find one of Florida’s state licensed dispensaries. Florida residents interested in more information on medical marijuana, should reach out to the Florida Health Department’s Office of Compassionate Use.

What You Can Do

Contact Walt Disney World
Contact Walt Disney World

Let Disney know how you feel about their new medical marijuana policy. Submit your opinion in the form of a question on the Walt Disney World Help Center Page.

You can also email your thoughts to Disney Corporate inquiries here. And Disney Shareholders might want to contact Disney through the Disney Shareholders Hotline: 1-855-553-4763. I wish you could email them, but after posting this article the shareholder email address listed here has been deactivated.

Maybe skip that trip to not so magical Disney World and instead take the family to one of our amazing National Parks, like Yosemite or Yellowstone! I’ve been going to Yosemite for decades and have never run into a problem with responsible, discreet medical cannabis use, despite marijuana remaining federally illegal on national park lands (your mileage may vary). 

Yosemite Tenaya Lake
Yosemite Tenaya Lake (photo credit Erik Muenker)


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