Silver Leaf Investment: An upstart marijuana investment company to watch in 2017

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by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive

Marijuana is Growing Fast

The legal cannabis (marijuana) industry is booming. According to, it was worth an estimated $7.2 billion in 2016. With double digit annual growth, adult recreational sales alone are expected to jump from $2.6 billion in 2016 to $11.2 billion by 2020.

In addition to recreational sale, medical marijuana sales are expected to more than double to $13.3 billion by 2020. That’s a combined annual market of over $24 billionanticipated in just the next 3 years.

Does AG Sessions worry you?

Jobs, state’s rights, and taxes. That’s right. Jobs, state’s rights and tax revenue are the cannabis industry’s secret weapons against marijuana detractors in the Trump administration and elsewhere.

According to a survey conducted by Marijuana Business Daily, the marijuana industry already employs over 100,000 people in the U.S. alone.

Along with billions in sales, comes millions in tax revenue. Motley Fool estimated that in 2016, Colorado’s marijuana tax haul likely exceeded $200 million. That’s a lot of green. And it’s only going to continue to grow each year.

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Cannabis Companies Are Attracting A Lot of Green

CBD News Pick – LA Weekly

In many ways, Scott Greiper is what you’d expect of a New York finance guy. He’s confident, well-dressed, and articulate. His face lights up when he’s talking about building capital, or putting together a board. What separates Greiper from the rest of Wall Street’s brood, though, is the nature of assets he deals in. Greiper is President of Veridian Capital Advisors, a New York investment firm that specializes in legal cannabis companies. Veridian consults with cannabis-based companies and helps pair them up with investors. It has also created the world’s first cannabis stock index, which tracks progress of the world’s 50 most viable publicly traded pot companies.

cwcbexpologoLast Friday at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition in Los Angeles, Greiper gave a seminar entitled “Follow the Money: Analyzing the Capital Flow Into the Legal Cannabis Industry.” In it, he detailed the ways in which the impending expansion of legal marijuana is poised to bring about what he believes will be the next Industrial Revolution. Due to the nature of cannabis production, and the wide range of possible uses the plant offers, a boom in legal marijuana sales will very likely create substantial economic growth in a number of ancillary sectors, including: agriculture; biotech; real estate; software; investment; consulting; and security. “There was the dot com from 1995 to 2000. From 2005-2008 there was social media. Now, we have cannabis,” Greiper explained.

Not only is cannabis poised to stimulate the national economy, it is also about to make a lot of individuals a lot of money. The time to invest in cannabis, said Greiper, is now. With recreational use up for legalization in more than a dozen states on the 2016 election ballot, investors expect a large a uptick in the market after the state votes in November.

scott_greiper_owler_20160228_051541_originalCurrently, said, Greiper, many publicly traded companies are selling low, as the market has flattened out following its initial spike in 2014, when adult use cannabis laws went into effect in Colorado and Washington. This downward trend, said Greiper, is actually a healthy thing, as it is representative of a “thinning out” of companies that are badly managed. The problem within the cannabis industry, said Greiper, is that a number of professional cannabis companies are behaving like amateurs. Success in this industry, particularly while cannabis remains federally illegal, requires things like a strong board and diligence when it comes to filing reports in time.

A large part of what Greiper and his team at Viridian do is matching up executives who have a successful track record with cannabis companies that show promise for growth. He has, for example, seated the former CEO of Mars candy on the board for one of the edibles companies he works with. “There’s a guy,” said Greiper, “who knows how to run a successful multi-national candy company.” While large corporations remain shy about entering the cannabis space, due to what Greiper speculates are concerns about stigma, many of the heavy hitters at these companies have begun to enter the industry. For example, Michael Cohl, the former chairman of LiveNation, has recently become one of Viridian’s advisors. Last year, Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, made waves when he announced that his Founder’s Fund would be buying a share in, the popular website that is often referred to as “Yelp for pot.”

“There’s just something about cannabis that excites people,” said Greiper, describing the buzz that surrounds his work. One of those things, said Greiper, is the fact that “We don’t need new customers.” The biggest new users, he explained, are people in their 50s and 60s — who finally have kids out of the house, or who have been turned on by edibles and other modes of consumption that might be palatable to an individual averse to smoking. Currently, it is estimated that 50 billion dollars a year are generated in cannabis sales within the United States. Only 5.4 billion of that is legal sales.

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why i am cannabis – A Video Arts Project

Twitter Square Logo July2016I want to tell you about a really cool Crowdsourced Video Art Project kicking off now. It’s called why i am cannabis, and it’s a campaign to collect video selfies from cannabis users around the world, edit them together and stream them online. The goal of the project is to give voice to the amazing benefits of cannabis (medical, recreational, creative, etc.) and to shine a light on the human costs of criminalization and socially stigmatizing its use.

Erik Muenker
Erik Muenker DC

why i am cannabis, is a project that is very dear to me, for I credit cannabis for saving my life after I was involved in a serious auto accident. As a sworn police officer at the time, I was injured in the line of duty when a drunk driver ran a red light and broadsided my patrol car while traveling more than 55 mph. I broke my neck in the accident, suffering a Hangman’s fracture – as serious an injury as it sounds. During my recovery over the years that followed, I was offered and tried almost every pain killer, anti-inflammatory drug, and anti-spasm drug on the market. Not to mention the medications I took to counteract the side effects of the aforementioned medications.

pills in bottle
Opioids for pain control

Ultimately, it was suggested I use opioids (strong narcotics), to cope with the pain and side effects from my automobile accident. When I stopped tolerating the pills, I was provided skin (transdermal) patches to wear 24 hours a day. Along with the prescription came the warning that the dose would likely need to be increased over time, as its effectiveness wears off, and that addiction was inevitable. I was reluctant, but in a great deal of pain and my doctor said we were out of other options.

Fortunately, I really disliked the effects of these narcotics and I decided to look elsewhere for relief.

“I decided to give cannabis a try. That decision changed my life.”

The cannabis I started taking was not only a substitute for the narcotics, but it also worked better controlling my headaches, spinal pain and muscle spasms – all with very manageable side-effects.

The cannabidiol in Marijuana has clinically proven neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties and it actually appears to be the perfect protective agent to prescribe after a serious auto accident where a concussion and brain trauma is suspected.

Your Brain on Cannabis
Your Brain on Cannabis

Don’t believe me? Check out my article on the effects of cannabis on your brain, complete with clinical references: “Cannabidiol: Good for You and Your Brain?“.


Sadie’s Story

Sadie’s story is a beautifully moving story about how cannabis can dramatically change the lives of entire families. Please take a few minutes of your time and watch the story below, courtesy of CannaEffect.

This is why cannabis is so important to me.
This is,

why i am cannabis

– erik muenker 

I want to hear YOUR story. The world wants to hear YOUR story, and I want to help bring those stories to you with this new campaign.

In order to get the word out, collect and stream these videos, I’m going to need to raise some money. $25,000 to be exact. To make this happen, I have launched two funding sites and designed a really cool $24 t-shirt to sell during the campaign:

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