Trump Pick For FDA Could Help Marijuana Industry | But At What Cost?

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by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive
Jim O’Neill Could Bring Disruption and Marijuana to the FDA
Jim O'Neill - FDA-candidate
Jim O’Neill Courtesy Mithri Capital

According to Bloomberg News and TheHill, President Donald Trump is strongly considering Jim O’Neill, an outspoken marijuana supporter and libertarian, to be the next head of the FDA. Jim O’Neill has been a staunch critic of the FDA for years and if appointed to lead the agency, he is likely to usher in dramatic changes that could shake the agency to its core. And maybe, just maybe, that’s not such a bad thing.

Peter Thiel
Peter Thiel – Trump transition team

Jim O’Neill is reportedly a close business associate of key Trump transition team member Peter Thiel – a tech financier worth more than $2 Billion. Theil was named #246 on the Forbes 400 List of Richest People in America in 2016. Theil spokesman Jeremiah Hall was quoted recently in an email reported by Bloomberg Politics, “Jim O’Neill has extensive experience in government and in Silicon Valley. He is a strong candidate for any of several key positions.”

Mr. O’Neill is currently the Managing Director of Mithril Capital Management LLC,


a global investment firm cofounded by Peter Thiel. Previous to Mithril Capital, Mr. O’Neill spent just under six years working in various roles for the Department of Health and Human Services during the George W. Bush Administration, from 2002 – 2008. O’Neill first served as the Director of the Speech and Editorial Division, then as Associate Deputy Secretary and ultimately as the Principal Associate Deputy Secretary contributing to policy and regulatory matters affecting the FDA.

In addition to working for the Dept. of HHS, O’Neill also served on the Board of Directors (and was a founding member) for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform. CCPR is a nonpartisan organization which opposes prohibition and supports reasonable marijuana regulation. O’Neill is likely to bring big changes to the FDA, easing research and perhaps access to cannabis based pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

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Signal Bay Inc (OTCMKTS:SGBY) Is Today’s Cannabis Focus

CBD News Pick – Insider

Signal Bay Inc (OTCMKTS:SGBY) is one of the biggest winners for penny stock investors this year. Shares have made an epic run from triple zeroes to $.03 a share in just two and a half months time. This comes as the company is embarking on a major expansion and experiencing strong revenue growth.

signal_bay_svcs_logo-1024x242As we take a closer look, could the bull run in SGBY just be getting started?

First up, a little background on Signal Bay. Signal Bay Inc, through its subsidiaries Signal Bay Research, Signal Bay Services and EVIO Labs, provides advisory services, operational management and analytical testing services to the legal cannabis industry. Signal Bay operates state-of-the-art testing facilities and offers reliable testing methodologies that ensure the safety and potency of the nation’s cannabis supply. The company is lead by CEO William Waldrop and President Lori Glauser. Waldrop is an expert in state marijuana regulations and has worked with Electrum Partners in the management and preparation of state license applications for Nevada Medical Marijuana Establishments. Glauser previously consulted for Electrum Partners as well.

The move higher got started in July after Signal Bay announced that the company had exceeded 700 total business accounts. According to CEO William Waldrop, “The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity. Recently, we surpassed the 700 account milestone and due to an increase in additional services being requested, our average annual revenue per account has jumped considerably. A cursory review suggests that we should average well over one thousand dollars per account on an annual basis.” This puts the company on a $700k revenue run rate based just on its existing customer base.

Signal Bay has been refining its procedures and protocols with any eye toward expansion. The company has been able to streamline its business operations, which allows for scalability. The goal is “turn-key” labs that can be up and running quickly as new markets come online as a result of new marijuana legislation. Another advantage for Signal Bay is that the company offers reliable and trusted testing and consulting services that have become a requirement in the cannabis industry. Signal Bay provides a quick turnaround time that is critical for its customers. Combine that with accurate, detailed results and Signal Bay has quickly become one of the “go-to” options in the cannabis industry.

The first step for Signal Bay in this regard is an aggressive push into the Portland, Oregon market. This is a natural progression for the company since its based in nearby Bend, Oregon. As part of the company’s push into Portland, the company intends to purchase its fifth cannabis testing laboratory located in Portland, Oregon. Signal Bay also hired Ronnie Schmidt, a former General Manager for multiple Portland area dispensaries as a Sales & Marketing Director. CEO William Waldrop said:

“Today we ramped up our plans for growth by signing a letter of intent to purchase an already existing testing facility in Portland.vWith this one strategic move, the 90-120 day window we had in place for opening a facility in this market has virtually been eliminated. This acquisition also adds hundreds of already existing accounts to the Signal Bay portfolio. Add Ronnie Schmidt to the mix and all of this combined has us convinced that we are going to capture significant market share in Portland and the surrounding communities. He brings a wealth of experience to the table and a vast network of business contacts in the Portland market. In conjunction with that strategic hire, we had planned to process any and all accounts established by Ronnie through our existing facilities until such time that we could open the doors on an entirely new location in Portland. As of today, that plan has changed significantly for the better.”

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Check out this video with the CEO of Signal Bay Inc:



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Cannabis industry to expand to $50 billion by 2026 | Bloomberg

CBD News Pick – Chicago Tribune | Bloomberg

The legal cannabis industry in the U.S. may grow to $50 billion in the next decade, expanding to more than eight times its current size, as lawful pot purveyors gain new customers and win over users from the illicit market, according to a new report.

Legalizing recreational use in California, where the drug is already medically permitted, is on the ballot in November, and approval of that measure alone would triple the size of the nation’s current $6 billion legal industry, according to a report from 10 Cowen & Co. analysts released on Monday. In all, voters in nine states will vote on weed-related initiatives this November — five to legalize the drug for all adults and four to allow for medical use.

Pot already is legal for recreational use in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia, and is medically permitted in 25 states. Cowen’s forecast assumes federal legalization of the drug, a measure that has more than 50 percent popular support.

“Cannabis prohibition has been in place for 80-plus years, but the tides are clearly turning,” the analysts said.

The expanding industry will affect big business even though the current competitive landscape is largely made up of smaller startups. Because the plant is still federally illegal, large companies have shied away from getting involved.

Legal weed would be a major opportunity for Big Tobacco, Cowen said. Vapor technology — a popular technique for ingesting both tobacco and cannabis — is an essential part of tobacco’s less combustible-dependent future. Companies like Altria Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc. already have expertise in vapor and crop-growing technologies, as well as familiarity dealing with complex regulatory frameworks.

Tobacco companies may make up about one-fifth of the cannabis industry by 2036, adding more than 20 percent to their revenue, and nearly doubling tobacco’s underlying growth, the analysts said.

For alcoholic-beverage makers, legal marijuana is more foe than friend. Alcohol consumption has declined over the past five years, especially with men, while cannabis use has risen. The number of drinkers who also used marijuana increased, and the number of cannabis users who drank decreased, Cowen said.
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Weekly Cannabis | Cannabidiol News for Aug 30th 2016


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CBD News Pick –For These 55 Marijuana Companies, Every Day is 4/20


CBD News Pick – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Intelligence identified 55 public companies whose business is based largely or completely on legal marijuana, and whose shares traded at $0.10 or more as of April 15th. These wildly fluctuating penny stocks aren’t for the faint of heart.

More than two years after Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, a small but growing number of publicly traded companies are betting their futures on the hope of a thriving legal market for pot-based products.  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –Has Marijuana Gotten Stronger Since the 1980s?

GI Pot Smoker

CBD News Pick – Business Insider

Marijuana today really is stronger than it was in the 1970s, according to several recent reports.

Estimates on just how much stronger vary, however, since marijuana is a tricky thing to measure. Its status as a Schedule I drug, and its incredible variability in potency based on where it’s grown and how it’s ingested make it difficult to pinpoint its strength over time.
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CBD News Pick –Washington Tells DEA to Shove It


CBD News Pick – Tap Newswire

Earlier this month, the DEA proved its utter detachment from reality – and its subservience to Big Pharma – by maintaining the classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. This means, according to their classification system, it has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

The decision was a surprise to many who were expecting the agency to acknowledge the 21st century body of scientific evidence on cannabis’ medicinal value, and the real-life stories of people cured through this plant. The Free Thought Project has documented many examples of children suffering from constant epileptic seizures, who, after receiving CBD treatment (an extract of cannabis), experience a dramatic reduction in seizures and gain a quality of life like never before.  Click for more →

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