Is Your Weed Buying History Safe from the Feds?

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by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive

Federal Marijuana Crackdown Coming?

Is a federal crackdown on marijuana coming in 2017? After all, the Feds locked up over 3,500 people for marijuana related drug offenses, in 2016 alone. No one knows for sure what the new administration will do.

Should you be worried that your marijuana buying history could end up in the wrong hands?

Just think about all of the potential conflicts:

– You could be denied purchase of a firearm!
– It could jeopardize your health insurance coverage?!
– You could be denied employment!
– You might even be denied citizenship!
– Involved in a child custody proceeding?

Well Oregon legislators aren’t waiting around to find out. Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in July of 2015, and a new Oregon Bill that just passed the legislature (53-5) will prohibit marijuana retailers from keeping information collected from their customers for more than 48 hours.

Perhaps it’s time to start asking some questions.

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Oregon Farms and Growing Regions to Define Industry?

CBD News Pick – The Potlander

There’s reason to suspect the next step for Oregon cannabis is to highlight the farms, as we’ve seen with cheese, wine, hops and berries.

It’s been a bumper-crop year for Oregon cannabis entrepreneurs. Since recreational sales started last October, dispensary shelves have filled with well-marketed innovations—everything from vapes made for women to pre-rolls that can pass for cigarettes to CBD dog treats.

Agriculture is the foundation of this new industry, but it hasn’t been highlighted in marketing, partly because many cannabis growers are still secretive about their operations. But there’s reason to suspect the next step for Oregon cannabis is to highlight the farms, as we’ve seen with cheese, wine, hops and berries.

To do that, Oregon growers will have to start talking about terroir. Just like wine, outdoor-growing areas for cannabis can be defined by geographic features like soil and weather during the growing season. Just as wine is classified into American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs, the future of cannabis might be ACAs: American Cannabis Areas.

Imagine walking into a dispensary and seeing your Sour Diesel labeled “Applegate Valley” or “Yamhill-Carlton.”

It might take a while to designate regions that small, but this is already something the Oregon Cannabis Business Council says it’s working on.

“There would probably end up being at least a dozen, if not more, appellations in the state,” says Donald Morse, director of the OCBC. “It could become our most valuable cash crop.”

Right now, Oregon cannabis growers are generally split into three main regions: Willamette Valley, Eastern Oregon and Southern Oregon. Each region has a distinct climate, growing season and certain strains that flourish there, according to Norris Monson, an outdoor-grow expert and CEO of Rolling Joint Ventures, an Oregon consulting firm.

“Cannabis has a natural range that’s similar to tomatoes,” Monson says. “It likes warm and dry. Psychoactive strains traditionally originate from either high mountainous regions like Afghanistan or Pakistan for indica, or from tropical equatorial regions like Jamaica or Vietnam for sativa.”

Just as certain varieties of grapes are native to certain environments—think how pinot noir thrives in the cool, moist Willamette Valley—certain strains of cannabis do well in certain areas. Weather is a challenge for Oregon outdoor growers, especially in the northern part of the state.

When it comes to matching strains to climate, Eastern Oregon is the most like Pakistan, where indica comes from. Once you get east of the Cascades, it’s drier, colder and there’s less “insect pressure,” as Monson puts it. Indicas thrive there because they are more resilient to low temperatures, and the first frost decides when growers harvest.

In the Willamette Valley, early rains and heavy night dews make the climate the closest this state gets to Jamaica—though it’s still pretty far from it. Sativas have the best chance there, so long as they mature early, before the rainy season starts. “Some growers in the valley use leaf blowers to dry dew from plants and to expedite drying,” Monson says.

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Oregon Bans Marijuana Strain Names

CBD News Pick – Cannabis Business Times

New testing and packaging requirements barring strain names passed just before starting recreational sales Oct. 1.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved 26 licenses for 26 recreational marijuana retailers Sept. 30, as well as modified rules regarding state licensee testing requirements and labeling and packaging restrictions.

Approved retailers were able to open for business selling recreational marijuana Oct. 1, the goal date promised by the OLCC to Oregonians, according to a press release. The OLCC enacted temporary changes to lab testing rules to lessen the strain on labs able to test recreational cannabis products. Out of the 26 licensed retailers, 12 were able to open Saturday, according to Steve Marks, executive director of the OLCC, in a conference call with reporters Sept. 30.

Under the new rules, an amount (still to be determined by Oct. 3) of randomly chosen samples from batches of usable cannabis will be tested. If any part of those samples fails pesticide testing, every 10-pound lot is required to be tested, according to an Oregon Live article.

Originally, every batch would have to be tested by an accredited lab. The stringent testing strained the few approved labs in the state, and Gary Ward, the administrator for Oregon’s Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) wrote in an email Aug. 26 that the program was “on the precipice of collapse,” as Cannabis Business Times reported last month.

Currently, the state is caught up with testing, and four of the 10 licensed laboratories are able to manage the required pesticide testing under the new rules, and more labs will be accredited, according to Marks.

In order to remain on store shelves, existing products must be clearly labeled as tested under the previous rules, and be in childproof containers before leaving the store, according to a Fox News article. All products made after the Oct. 1 deadline must be tested under the new, temporary rules. The modified rules will revert back to the original requirements as of Mar. 1, 2017.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have been able to sell recreational marijuana under a different set of rules since October 2015 (which CBT covered here). Those dispensaries will be unable to sell recreational marijuana after Dec. 31.

Rules regarding packaging and labeling of recreational marijuana products were left unchanged in the special session Sept. 30, according to the OLCC press release. If packages and labels have not been pre-approved, licensees should use generic packaging according to guidelines set by the OLCC, found here.

The OLCC also passed a temporary rule regarding marijuana strain and product names in connection to “product wording commonly associated with products marketed by or for children,” according to the bulletin, found here. The list includes at least 14 strain names determined to be suspect that cannot be used on compliant packaging or labeling in Oregon dispensaries.

The strains currently listed include:

-Girl Scout Cookies

-Grape Ape


-Charlotte’s Web


-Dr. Who



-Bruce Banner

-Death Star


-Jedi Kush



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Inside Barcelona’s Private Marijuana Clubs

CBD News Pick – USA Today

It’s a pleasant summer evening in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. The plazas are bustling, and it seems every bit of storefront is a bar or a restaurant. But one inconspicuous door opens to a different kind of place.

The sign says “Smokers’ Club” in English. A small surveillance camera watches over the door.

Inside, artsy drawings hang on a brick wall. A hall leads to a chill-out area, where mostly young people are sitting on low couches, chatting, drinking and smoking. There are TVs, a DJ booth and a little bar in the back.

This might look and feel like any cafe, if it weren’t for the funk of marijuana in the air — what they’re smoking are joints of cannabis, obtained from a small dispensary next to the bar. A contribution of 10 euros ($11.25) will get you between 1 and 3 grams, depending on the strain. That’s the lingo in these nonprofit cannabis clubs.

In northeastern Spain, Barcelona and the greater Catalonia region are famous for things like wine, amazing architecture, their own proud language and rebellious culture. And soon, the region could gain fame for something new: marijuana regulation.

An initiative in the Catalan parliament aims to drag smoking pot out from a shadowy area of the law, and allow club members to legally grow and share their weed among themselves — but not with nonmembers or tourists.

“[Cannabis] is a soft drug. Meeting friends for a few glasses of wine is like meeting here,” says Laia O., a 33-year-old tattoo artist and a member of the club in the Gothic Quarter, who doesn’t want to reveal her last name. “Besides, here you know the quality, you know what you are smoking.”

This club is one of the 268 members-only cannabis associations registered in Barcelona. It’s estimated there are more than 200,000 members in the city of 1.6 million people.

Some clubs are like this one: cafe-like and cozy, art on the walls, books and board games. But most are smaller and simpler; little more than an indoor space where folks get their pot privately and safely.

They’re not like Amsterdam’s coffee shops, or Colorado’s dispensaries for that matter. Here, to join a club you have to be personally sponsored by a member. Then you wait, sometimes days, before you’re allowed to have any pot. No outsiders are permitted. Tourists are usually not welcome. And in almost every case, you would pass by a club’s door and not even notice it.

In Spain, marijuana is actually illegal, and that includes for medical use. But the clubs are protected by two facts: Private consumption isn’t penalized, and the right to associate is constitutionally guaranteed.

The clubs function as nonprofit associations. Members pay a small annual fee and pool money to fund the operation, each according to how much weed they commit to (usually capped at 100 grams per month). This means there’s technically no selling or buying involved, according to the clubs, and consumption is private as long as the pot doesn’t leave the premises.

However, they do foray into criminality while growing, processing and transporting marijuana. In the last couple of years, the authorities have shut down several clubs and convicted their officers of drug trafficking or other offenses. Usually officials had found a big plantation and then a judge ruled the club couldn’t guarantee weed wouldn’t reach outside nonmembers.

“That we can open and run this place but we can’t grow [cannabis] is like telling a baker he can sell bread but can get no flour,” complains W., a 51-year-old club officer who doesn’t want to reveal his name.

This situation could change. This month, Catalonia’s parliament began reviewing a citizens’ proposal to regulate the clubs and allow them to grow, process, transport and distribute marijuana in a controlled way, under a not-for-profit model.

To avoid pot tourism, the plan requires new club members to wait 15 days to get their weed.

The initiative — called La Rosa Verda in Catalan, or The Green Rose — has wide backing. Even Barcelona parent-teacher associations openly support it; they say they have far bigger substance abuse problems with tobacco and alcohol near schools.

All but 11 of the 135 regional legislators are in favor of the proposal, which activists are confident will be passed next year. If so, it would be the first such law in Europe as things stand today.

Even in the Netherlands, growing, processing, transporting and selling cannabis are not legal, but distributing small amounts in coffee shops is tolerated by the authorities.

Conservative lawmakers among the 11 dissenters condemn the initiative as drug “legalization,” and they say that’s just wrong.

“Information campaigns about the effects of drugs, especially for the young, and the fight against drug cartels, must continue,” Alberto Villagrasa, a Popular Party legislator, said in the Catalan parliament in late July. “But to legalize [drug] consumption gives the wrong message to society.”

“To legalize [drug] consumption gives the wrong message to society,” Alberto Villagrasa, one of the few lawmakers who oppose the initiative.

However, the initiative would not legalize marijuana outright — regional officials in Spain don’t have the authority do that, although some wish they did.

The Green Rose is the result of more than 20 years of activism, after the first cannabis association tried to grow pot collectively for private use in 1993. Its officers were found guilty of drug-related offenses. But from then on, the nonprofit association model developed slowly after years of trial and error, and cat and mouse with the authorities.

At the end of 2008, there were reportedly just 12 cannabis clubs in all of Spain. By mid-2014 there were about 300 clubs — in Barcelona alone, reportedly taking in 5 million euros a month.

Some of the clubs were in it just for the money, advertising to tourists and selling weed illegally. Local authorities were alarmed and launched an offensive that closed 49 clubs.

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The Oregonian/OregonLive to host Public Forum on Business of Cannabis

CBD News Pick – Oregonian 

Whether you grow your own marijuana, process the plant or run a cannabis shop, it’s not like any other business. Conventional banking isn’t possible.

Tax credits and deductions aren’t available. And investing in the new industry comes with significant risks.

The Oregonian/OregonLive will convene a panel of experts to discuss the complexities of operating a marijuana business in Oregon and what entrepreneurs and potential investors will want to know about financing these new enterprises.

Google-MapsThe event will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24, at Revolution Hall, 1300 S.E. Stark, in Southeast Portland. Click here to RSVP.

Panelists include: U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer; Dave Kopilak, an attorney with Emerge Law Group; a representative from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission; and Noah Stokes, CEO of CannaGuard Security. Staff writer Noelle Crombie will moderate.
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CBD-BB Cannabis News for 9-7-16 | Weedmaps Faking Reviews + Legalization + Oregon OLCC Lab Collapse + Drug War Duo + NIDA

CANNABIS NEWS:  September 7th, 2016

Cannabis news articles from the day, handpicked by the CBD Business Blog Editorto keep you informed on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry news.

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CBD News Pick –Four Reasons why LEGALIZING Marijuana could be the SOLUTION to America’s Problems

US Flag + Cannabisv1

CBD News Pick – Huffington Post

For a few years now Americans’ have disputed on the legalization of cannabis, also known as marijuana. Recreational cannabis is legal in four states: Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington state.

This November, five states will vote to legalize recreational cannabis: California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, and Nevada. We’ve heard all the research and the majority of adults will admit to having tried cannabis at least once in their life.  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –Oregon OLCC Accreditation for Pot Labs on Verge of Collapse


CBD News Pick – Houston Chronicle

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — As Oregon officials struggle to license all sectors of the recreational marijuana industry before the end of the year, a top official of the agency that accredits pot-testing labs says it is overwhelmed — a potential blow to the rollout.

Gary K. Ward, administrator of the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, known as ORELAP, emailed dozens of labs awaiting licenses, saying his agency’s abilities to accredit them is “on the precipice of collapse … because of the lack of resources and the last minute rush of cannabis labs with applications.”  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –7 Must Attend Cannabis Events This Fall


CBD News Pick – Merry Jane

There’s some pretty epic shit happening in cannabis this fall.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition | September 7-9. The event takes place in downtown at the Los Angeles Convention Center will feature experts, proponents, advocates, activists, and connoisseurs in the cannabis industry.  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –Marijuana Legalization: Having an Impact on Illegal Use
The main desk at Columbia Care, a medical marijuana dispensary in Manhattan. Drake Baer / Business Insider

CBD News Pick – Business Insider UK

With legal allowances for both medical and recreational use on the rise all over the US, the favored illegal drug of Americans has never looked more professional.

That’s because the business of legal marijuana has never been better. We’re talking about a $7 billion market, according to ArcView Market Research (a firm that tracks the legal cannabis trade).  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Reference Guide


CBD News Pick – Steep Hill Labs, Inc.

Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly referred to as “Δ9-THC,” “D9-THC,” “d9-THC” or simply “THC”) is a neutral cannabinoid, well known for being strongly psychoactive.

Of all the scientific discoveries that have been made about THC, probably the single most important was how THC enabled scientists to discover the existence of the Endocannabinoid system in vertebrate animals (including humans): a critical part of physiology that, up until then, was unknown.  THC has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a variety of ailments and disorders including pain, tumors, nausea and ADHD.  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –The Biological and Potential Therapeutic Effects of Cannabidiol

NIH nida_logo_3_transparent

CBD News Pick – NIH/NIDA – National Institute on Drug Abuse

“Cannabidiol: Barriers to Research and Potential Medical Benefits”

Mr. Chairman, Ms. Chairwoman, and Members of the Senate Drug Caucus, thank you for inviting the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to participate in this hearing to share what we know about the biology and the potential therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main active chemical compounds found in marijuana. In light of the rapidly evolving interest in the potential use of marijuana and its derivative compounds for medical purposes, it is important to take stock of what we know and do not know about the therapeutic potential of CBD.  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –Drug War Duo Urges Expedited Evaluation of CBD Therapy 


CBD News Pick – The Leaf Online | Click for Letter

A bipartisan pair of conservative US Senate prohibitionists has quietly teamed up and been working behind the scenes to get the Department of Justice and Health and Human Services (HHS) to coordinate efforts and move quickly to remove barriers to the scientific and medical evaluation of cannabidiol (CBD), an active ingredient of marijuana, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Weekly Cannabis | Cannabidiol News for Aug 30th 2016


Cannabis news articles from the week, handpicked by the CBD Business Blog Editorto keep you informed on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry news.

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CBD News Pick –For These 55 Marijuana Companies, Every Day is 4/20


CBD News Pick – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Intelligence identified 55 public companies whose business is based largely or completely on legal marijuana, and whose shares traded at $0.10 or more as of April 15th. These wildly fluctuating penny stocks aren’t for the faint of heart.

More than two years after Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, a small but growing number of publicly traded companies are betting their futures on the hope of a thriving legal market for pot-based products.  Click for more →

CBD News Pick –Has Marijuana Gotten Stronger Since the 1980s?

GI Pot Smoker

CBD News Pick – Business Insider

Marijuana today really is stronger than it was in the 1970s, according to several recent reports.

Estimates on just how much stronger vary, however, since marijuana is a tricky thing to measure. Its status as a Schedule I drug, and its incredible variability in potency based on where it’s grown and how it’s ingested make it difficult to pinpoint its strength over time.
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CBD News Pick –Washington Tells DEA to Shove It


CBD News Pick – Tap Newswire

Earlier this month, the DEA proved its utter detachment from reality – and its subservience to Big Pharma – by maintaining the classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. This means, according to their classification system, it has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

The decision was a surprise to many who were expecting the agency to acknowledge the 21st century body of scientific evidence on cannabis’ medicinal value, and the real-life stories of people cured through this plant. The Free Thought Project has documented many examples of children suffering from constant epileptic seizures, who, after receiving CBD treatment (an extract of cannabis), experience a dramatic reduction in seizures and gain a quality of life like never before.  Click for more →

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Thursday PM Cannabis News: July 21, 2016

Stay Informed –

Cannabis PM News for Today – July 21, 2016

FIVE Cannabis news articles, picked by CBD Business Blog, to keep you informed.

CBD News Pick – Oregon Cannabis Growers Asked to Stop Using 14 Products: Fourteen horticultural products ordered detained and removed from sale, growers asked to stop usage. The orders call for the product manufacturers to immediately cease all sales, offers of sale, or other distribution in Oregon. | Article:

CBD News Pick – America Wants Legalization, Trump and Pence Don’t: It’s official, Donald Trump’s plus-one on the Republican ticket is Indiana Governor Mike Pence and no matter what side of the war on drugs you think Trump will land on – one thing is clear, Mike Pence is terrible for cannabis legalization. | Article:

CBD News Pick – Ask a Pot Lawyer: How to Get Your Weed Worker Permit: Do I really have to pay $100 to work in recreational marijuana? YES, YOU REALLY DO. And you must pass a test and a criminal background check. If you conquer these three labors like a modern-day Heracles, you should be golden. | Article:

CBD News Pick – So, You Want to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry?: Legal cannabis is creating a multi-billion-dollar a year industry that’s just getting off its feet, nurturing a brief time of innovation and opportunities for entrepreneurs. One might even go as far as to say that it’s this generation’s last hope to achieve the American Dream. | Article:

CBD News Pick – New IRS Audits in Colorado Worry Cannabis Companies: The Internal Revenue Service has begun probing the large cash transactions of dozens of Colorado marijuana companies, sparking uncertainty and unease among cannabis entrepreneurs. The audits – focusing on Form 8300 – have raised the specter of money laundering charges. | Article:

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4 NW Cannabis Companies to Watch in 2016

Four Northwest Cannabis Companies to Watch in 2016

Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved
by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive

The following four cannabis companies in the northwest are on a trajectory to disrupt and shape the future of the industry. I’d like to take a moment to shine a light on each, and tell you a little about why I think these are four companies to watch in 2016.

HiFi Farms

HiFiFarmsLogoHiFi Farms is a really terrific craft Sara-Batterbycannabis company located in Oregon, and run by CEO Sara Batterby. Sara has established herself as a local community leader thru her work with the Portland Women Grow chapter. Under Sara’s leadership, Hifi Farms has secured a joint venture with none other than the Meriwether Group – the same firm that took Dave’s Killer Bread from a local farmer’s market stand to a company worth more than $250 million! Meriwether knows how to spot a winner and thinks the Hifi brand could be worth more than $100M.

Clean-Green-CertifiedHifi Farms has a solid product – craft cannabis grown sustainably in Oregon, to strict Clean Green Certified standards. What does Clean Green Certified mean? Well for starters, it means that their craft cannabis is cultivated using organic practices certified by a nationally-recognized third party guarantor. Hifi Farms can’t label its product organic, since the federal government still does not recognize cannabis as a legitimate organic crop. However, Clean Green Certified is the next best thing and guarantees that HiFi Farms cannabis is free from synthetic pesticides, fungicides and mold. HiFi Farms is also committed to sustainability, quality and community engagement – not to mention killer parties with live music and really good people.

Golden Leaf Holdings

goldenleafholdings_logomobile1A big player in the production and distribution of cannabis flower and oils in North America, is Golden Leaf Holdings headquartered in Toronto, Canada with grow and retail operations in both Washington and Oregon. Golden Leaf Holdings is traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange (GLH), so you know their financials are in order.

Golden-XTRX-600x460GoldenXtr, GLH’s flagship brand of 100% pure cannabis oil is obtained using CO2 extraction techniques and sold within artisanal edibles or as smokeless vape cartridges that work with most third party vape pens. Proper is GLH’s brand of premium BHO (butane-extracted hash oil) shatter. Shatter is essentially super concentrated hash oil that will make your eyes flutter when inhaled. It’s strong and not for the faint-of-heart; but all the rage with the younger cannabis enthusiasts.

Privateer Holdings

Privateer_Vert_ColorA Seattle-based private equity firm founded in 2010 by Brendan Kennedy, Michael Blue, and Christian Groh – three cannabis entrepreneurs with a background in venture capital and investment banking.Leafly
The firm started off with a bang, by acquiring Leafly in 2011 – a popular cannabis information and strain review mobile app. I use the app regularly myself and see a bright future ahead for the company.

By 2013, Privateer had landed $7M in first-round funding and soon after opened Tilray – a $26M research and production facility federally-licensed to produce commercial cannabis, with a team of more than 100 industry experts. Tilray’s focus on amassing industry expertise while utilizing precise grow techniques to facilitate scientific research into cannabis plant strains and their cannabinoid profiles could be the winning formula to uncompromising innovation and success in the industry. What’s the latest with Tilray? TilaryThey have just become the first company to export medical marijuana from North America to Europe (CBS News Story link).

By 2015, Privateer had already acquired an additional $75M in round-two funding! Wait a second, let me take a moment to let that sink in. That’s a 10x fold increase from round-one funding that ended only two years prior! These guys have something special up their sleeve. In February of the following year, Privateer launched marley-natural-betraying-bob-and-jamaica-781-1416581457
Marley Natural – a premium cannabis product line that includes flower, body care infused Hemp Oil and smoke accessories.

New Vansterdam

vancouverNew Vansterdam markets are the most successful retailers of recreational cannabis markets in Washington state (as of May 2015 – Link to source). In their first year of sales, New Vansterdam markets sold more than $8.5M worth of product! Now that’s a lot of flower! All this success is built upon a solid reputation of product quality, commitment to community engagement, educating consumers and authentic and ethical business practices.

I can’t wait to see what is coming next for these NW innovators! Keep an eye on them and on this blog, for the latest industry news and insights.

Worth a mention – GW Pharma

Not a Northwest cannabis company, and not one I would personally invest in for ideological reasons – GW Pharma is still worth a brief mention.

GW Pharma is a UK-based biopharmaceutical company, that has recently received impressive results with a series of FDA clinical trials on their cannabis extract based medicine called Epidiolex. For more information on this company, their new drug and their anti-medical cannabis industry stance – please read my blog post entitled – “FDA Trial of Marijuana Drug Epidiolex – On Track for Approval?